Understanding LM

wpid-picsart_1435021806984.jpgToday has been pretty good, it started out with less body aches and fatigue. Unfortunately the nausea (from the medicine) and tumor pains haven’t subsided as much as I have hoped for.. but that’s okay because I know healing takes time.

It’s dawned on me that people don’t really understand what living with LM is like, well, I don’t understand much either.
It’s definitely a confusing illness to live with.
I’m constantly hearing different things about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that it affects every LM patient differently.

For example, for some with LM, it doesn’t affect their immune system, while others (like me), I can’t go over two weeks without catching some sort of sickness.

LM is not like most illnesses, not everyone experiences the same textbook symptoms.

Some may experience extreme hurt and discomfort with their LM while others may never feel a thing except from occasional flare-ups.

Also, treatment wise, I have heard of many different ways to keep the LM under control.

There’s many options,

Bleo & Doxy injections, surgical removal of the tumors, OK-432 etc.

These treatments each have a different effect on everyone so a treatment that may not work for you, might work for someone else.

Don’t be discouraged, you just have to find the right treatment plan for your needs. I believe that a little bit of hope will take you a long way! One day there will be more awareness and more options to help treat LM.

Ask questions, seek advice, don’t be afraid to tell people about you or your loved ones LM. You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed. You are loved and you are amazing!
I hope you continue to thrive!

And lastly, I am going to end this post with a lovely writing I found;

“Take a moment to breathe
You are okay,
You have survived,
And you have made it.
You are going to make it.
You are alive
And you are breathing.
Your heart is beating.
You exist,
And you are strong.
You have survived.”-unknown


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