In the clear

I haven’t updated in a while, there really isn’t anything new to update you about, which is exciting for me to say because it means that I’m finally in the clear, for now.

The only doctors appointment I have is an appointment with my orthopedic doctor this week until I go back to ACH for some dental work at the end of July. (we have to get that out of the way before we can move forward with treatment.)

I’ve finally been able to get out and not have to worry about the arthritis in my jaw hurting! (Did I mention how much I love this new medicine? No? Well, I do!)

Oh, and I also went to see a movie with a friend yesterday and had a water balloon war with some other friends today!

I’m so happy to not be in pain and to be healthy!
(well, as healthy as I can get.)

I am also happy to be able to participate in normal daily activities again!

It has been a hard past few months with how sick I had gotten but thankfully I’m finally over whatever I had caught!

I also want to thank everyone who has checked in on me and sent me well wishes and positive vibes, it means so much to me!



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